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Facebook & Instagram

With 2.4 billion monthly active users on facebook & over 1 billion active users on instagram, turning these social mediums that are being used on a daily basis, into your businesses best friend in todays digital world is crucial. We take your business and products/services from brand awareness into converting sales with measure-able results that you can see and use to scale.

Google AD's & SEO

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any give day, Googles ad revenue was over $95B as of 2017, Google has 90.46% of the search engine marketshare. It's no secret that google is the go to place for everything you're looking to search for online, but what do these statistics mean for your business? Simple, your clients & customers are looking for you but if you are not taking google ad's and google SEO seriously for your business then your competition is winning and you're losing out. We provide the most comprehensive and optimized results for you with our google ad's & seo management so you always keep an edge on your competition. 

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Landing Page, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Website Design & Other Social Marketing

Email Marketing, Form Lead Generation,  LinkedIn & Snapchat are other digital marketing assets that are highly undervalued. Most of the digital marketing agencies will fixate on Facebook & Google for conversions since they are important platforms that bring consistent results. However, at KTMC Media we also take advantage of this exact fact to deliver our clients better results than our competitors. We do this by utilizing other forms of digital marketing that have large audiences and engagement yet are underutilized by marketing service providers today. This ensures targeted users with multiple digital footprints see you on all of their platforms and will recognize you as a brand rather than another ad for a business. We also combine all of our offerings with a website design service that delivers very high-quality website designs hosted via Wordpress so your digital storefront is as clean as your real one.

Comprehensive Marketing Audit

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    • Online Listings Accuracy Check
    • Digital Reputation Audit
    • Social Media Audit
    • Website Optimization Report
    • Digital Ad's Audit
    • SEO Check